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The educational objectives

  • Discover the jobs in tension in the digital sector.
  • Introduction to programming logic.
  • Identify learning disabilities.
  • Stimulate critical thinking.
  • To raise awareness of the development of personal creativity.
  • Strengthen self-confidence.
  • Encourage speaking up and taking the initiative.
  • Develop soft skills.

Workshops for
10-13 years old

Format: all workshops take place
from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m., at The Platform's

Location: 8 rue d'Hozier
13002 Marseille


April 30,
Learn how to create your animation film like a pro
May 7,
Explore the sounds, and let your creativity speak
May 8,
Create your own soundtrack
May 14 and 15,
Meet the Tech of tomorrow!


Digital Arts

May 28,
Bring your drawings to life
June 4,
Dress up your youtube channel!

Video games, robotics

June 11,
Create your video game in a few clicks
June 18,
Model your favorite objects in Minecraft
June 25,
Program your last robots!