Last February, the students of Campus Academy in Aix-en-Provence learned that their school was discontinuing classes. Faced with their urgent need for training, two inclusive schools of excellence, Rocket School and La Plateforme, decided to offer them solutions to continue their studies in business, marketing and IT.
The goal is to allow them to continue their education without having to worry about funding issues and to make up for the lost term.

In order to quickly help Campus Academy Aix-en-Provence students who need to find a new school to complete their training and graduate on time, Rocket School Marseille and La Plateforme have reserved 50 spots for former students of the closed school. Both schools recruit without means testing and will select students based on a placement test and their personality.

Business and marketing programs

Within Rocket School Marseille, the Bachelor programs offered are
- Bachelor Digital & Business Development
- Bachelor Digital Marketing & Growth
- Bachelor Social & Community Management
- Bachelor in Customer Relations & Customer Success

Among the Masters, the candidates can integrate :
- Master - MSc Commercial Management & Business Strategy
- Master - MSc Digital Marketing & Growth Strategy
- Master - MSc Influence Marketing & Community Management

According to Cyril Pierre de Geyer, founder of Rocket School, "The situation is extremely tense for all these students who suddenly find themselves without a school and without a degree. As a school of the Social and Solidarity Economy, we are committed to helping them. We offer this program with an initial intensive one-month cycle to get them back into a winning study dynamic!"

Programs on code and AI

The Platform offers to integrate learners from the Campus Academy's BTS and Master's degree in SEO and Computer Science, according to their level and initial training, into its Bachelor's and Master's of Science programs.

The Bachelor IT programs (level BAC +3) offered are :
- Web Developer
- Software Developer/DevOps
- Security Admin
- AI Developer

Among the Master of Science (level BAC +5) :
- Data Protection Officer (DPO)
- Project manager in AI

Intensive training to make up for lost time

To enable students to better integrate into the programs they choose, intensive training sessions will be planned, on a case-by-case basis at the Platform, and in September at Rocket School to help them make up for lost time.
Emlyn Davin, the director of Rocket School Marseille, confirms: "We will train young people with an intensive bootcamp to enable them to quickly gain skills in the subjects they lack.
Roxan Roumegas, Deputy Managing Director of La Plateforme, adds: "La Plateforme's educational model allows us to support and upgrade young people from Campus Academy on a case by case basis. Our educational teams will be able to identify the level of learners and direct them to the appropriate training courses."
Talents from Campus Academy will then be integrated directly into a Bachelor's or Master's degree, carried out on a work-study basis in the best companies and startups in the region.