The Platform Workshop

Place of co-creation of your digital projects

You bring a project and take an active part in its development

The Platform brings the energy of its students and the skills of its experts

01/ Our workshop in a few words

Benefits for you...and for our students!

An original approach in two ways:

  • Our students learn with your projects.
  • You will also learn from our students and the specialists who supervise them!

You can identify future talent to recruit.

You receive quality workmanship.

You are engaged with The Platform, a positive impact project (CSR, EHS).

02/ The rules of the game

You entrust the Atelier
with a development project.

Web applications.
Mobile applications.

L'Atelier mobilizes a dedicated team that takes charge of the realization.

A team of students from the school who apprentice at The Workshop.
A project manager and lead dev drive the production and accompany the students.

You are associated with the
realization of the project in agile mode.

Regular follow-up meeting.
Meeting with students mobilized on the project.

After the realization, the Workshop can take charge.

Hosting on our scalable and secure cloud infrastructures.
Maintenance and evolution of completed projects.

03/ In practice

The projects are carried out in agile mode, in a collaborative approach.
The companies engage in a process of collaboration-learning between its teams and those of L'atelier.


On the basis of your expression of need, scoping workshops and general design
of the solution.

1 or 2 meetings with the project team


Realization of your application in agile mode by the project team, students and senior experts.

1 meeting every 2 weeks between the company and the project team


Delivery of the project after acceptance and final modifications.

1 project presentation meeting


Depending on the service subscribed to, maintenance and evolution of the application.

Realization of the projects

A dedicated team of a dozen students from the Coding School (Front and Back development) who are doing their work-study at the Workshop.

S pecialists from other curricula mobilized on a case-by-case basis: UX/UI, data, cyber...

04/ A team at your disposal

Project Manager

Coordinates all activities to be carried out.
Guarantees quality and deadlines.

Lead developer

Development expert who accompanies students and manages complex technical issues.

Sales Manager

Guarantor of the commercial relationship with the company.


IT managers from companies who support the students.

05/ Technical environment

Achievements based oncurrent and proventechnologies

Web development

Node.js, Go, php, React Js, Angular, Vue.js, Next.js

Simple websites

WordPress, HTML, CSS

Mobile Development

React Native, Flutter

Data base

mongoDB, MariaDB, redis

Hosted if you wish
on our robust, redundant and scalable infrastructure

06/ Become a partner of the Atelier de La Plateforme

Quality projects completed on time.

A dedicated team of a dozen students from the Coding School (Front and Back development) who are doing their internship at L'Atelier.

A concretecommitment approach.

You are supporting a community service project and contributing to our students' learning.

An original formative experience.

You will participate in an agile project and learn from students and our experts.

You will integrate the ecosystem of The Platform.

And access talent to recruit and experts to help you with your digital topics.

You have a project to develop?

You will be able to entrust your developments to our team of shock gathered within the Workshop: students of La Plateforme supervised by seniors and lead devs for quality projects realized in agile mode with you.

Contact the Atelier de La Plateforme team.