The Platform/Start

Web & mobile web developer


15 months of which
9 months alternating

or Cannes

40% school
60% company

Free for learners
RNCP Niv 5 - 31114
eq. BAC+2


What is a web developer?

The web and mobile web developer develops or evolves web-oriented applications, or mobile web or both, respecting the norms and standards recognized by the profession and following the state of the art of computer security at all stages. These applications are intended for Internet users or company employees.

Student La Plateforme - Concentrated Start

The developer designs the visual part of the application executed on the client computer side browser. He codes the whole with the adapted web programming languages and an application architecture in accordance with the best practices of web and mobile web development.

Following or in parallel with the development of the visual part, the developer designs and codes the back-end part, i.e. executed on the server side to access the data. The developer creates the database and develops the data access components to be able to display and update them in theweb or mobile web application.

Proven competencies

1. Develop the front-end of a web or mobile web application by integrating the security recommendations. Design and develop a static/dynamic and adaptable web interface.

2. Develop the back-end of a web or mobile web application by integrating the security recommendations. Create a database, develop the interactions between the application and the database.

Towards which jobs?

Web Developer

Frontend Developer

Web integrator

Backend Developer

Fullstack Developer


Program phases

from March to May 2023

hardware - network - system - dev
100% school

from June to August
100% school
from Sept. to May 100% Alternation
Title issued RNCP niv 5 (Bac +2)
Code Certification RNCP31114
Certifying body Ministry of Labour of full employment and integration


Continuous controls and validation of the 2 blocks of competences
" Certificates of professional competences " (CCP) of the program:

CCP 1 - Develop the front-end of a web or mobile application by integrating the security recommendations

CCP 2 - Develop the back-end of a web or mobile application by integrating security recommendations

Presentation of a project realized before the validation session

Technical maintenance

Possibility to continue
Bachelor IT in 2nd year (2 years)
Web development

Student La Plateforme - Concentrated Start

Jeanne, 24 years old

"The best thing about the Platform is the diversity
of students, we learn from each other, we work as a group, and we are
in groups, and we are trusted completely."

In a few figures


Web & Mobile Web Developer graduation rate over the 2021-2022 year within the platform.


More than 80% of the graduates obtain a permanent contract or a fixed-term contract of more than 3 months after this training.


The percentage of our students who recommend The Platform.

Presentation of the school La Plateforme

La Plateforme is a digital and new technologies school co-founded with the Top 20 Club, which brings together the major companies of the Aix-Marseille metropolitan area. Our objective: training of excellence accessible to all, supported by an innovative pedagogy and a constant concern for employability

An active pedagogy

La Plateforme's unique pedagogical model adapts to each profile. It is active and inductive, project-oriented and learner-centered.

Expert speakers

Trainers and lecturers are selected from among qualified professionals who are still active, experienced in the latest techniques and business needs.

Excellence at no cost

Tuition is free for the learner without compromising the quality of the training. Each year, La Plateforme certifies 90% of its learners.

A network of companies

Since its inception, La Plateforme has surrounded itself with a large network of partner companies, facilitating access to apprenticeship and employment.

Any questions?

How much does it cost?

Tuition fees are completely free
for learners. During your work-study period you will be paid by the company.

Is my employability guaranteed?

The Platform trains for the most sought-after jobs today. Within companies, there are many opportunities and the work-study program will provide you with a first professional experience in the job title you have chosen.

Is the training recognized?

The La Plateforme / Start curriculum trains you in several IT and digital professions. All the courses lead to certification and enable you to obtain a Level 3 to 5 RNCP professional title. You also have the possibility to go on to a Bachelor IT, certified RNCP Level 6 equivalent to a BAC +3.

Student La Plateforme - Concentrated Start
Student La Plateforme - Concentrated Start

Will I get help to find a work-study program?

The Platform is supported by a network of partner companies. We make sure to facilitate contact between our students and companies in the region and elsewhere. Our company relations team will help you in your search for a job and put you in touch with them.

How is the selection made?

It is accessible without prejudice of level or resources and totally free for the learner. There are no age requirements. After submitting your application, you will have to take a test, which will guide you to the stage of training that best suits you. Computer knowledge is not essential for selection, but maturity, desire to learn and collegiality are the most important factors in the selection process.