Adopt agile principles to make your projects successful

Why this training?

What are agile methods in concrete terms? This training is not for purists but for those who want to discover the main principles of agility and its tools to be inspired in the management of technological projects or others.

Educational objectives

  • Understand the issues surrounding the agile method
  • Discover the different agile method frameworks
  • Understand the structure of an agile approach and appropriate the tools

Program phases

  • Agility vs. V-cycle projects
  • Master the agile values and principles
  • Tools, roles and rituals of agility: a journey through a sprint
  • The obstacles and key success factors of agility
  • How to instill agility in the company
  • It's your turn! Your first agile sprint

Target audience

  • Business Unit Manager
  • Innovation Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Data Manager
  • Project Manager (digital)/Product

Terms and conditions

  • 1 day for awareness
  • 3 days for the deepening
  • Remote or Face to face (in your offices or @The Platform_)
  • Rates and dates for in-company courses: Quote on request
  • Up to 15 participants