AI School

From Bachelor to post-graduate

La Plateforme's AI School offers top-level courses designed to train students for careers in AI, leading to a Bachelor's degree and an MSc (BAC+3 and BAC+5).
In partnership with École Centrale Méditerranée, a post-graduate program in Artificial Intelligence is also available for students with an engineering degree (or a gap year), a Bac+5 or a career change.

1 to 5 years

Marseille, Cannes, Nice


Free for learners

Bachelor Bac +3,
Msc Bac +5,
Post Graduate

Our training courses in Artificial Intelligence

AI Developer

The Artificial Intelligence specialist training is a training that prepares for the job of Artificial Intelligence Developer, bachelor Bac+3
It is part of theAI School's training courses.


➔ After a 1st year of a Bachelor's degree in IT at the Platform.

Direct entry for profiles with an existing appetite for technology, programming, algorithms and AI on test and interview

➔ Direct access to BAC+3 possible a file demonstrating your achievements will be requested, followed by interviews with the educational managers

AI Project Manager - Data Engineer

The Artificial Intelligence Project Managertraining course prepares students for the job of Project Manager in Artificial Intelligence, MSc Bac +5. It is part of theAI School's training programs.


➔ After a bachelor's degree IT Specialist AI developer at Platform.

➔ Direct access possible after an interview, and a test designed to determine your skill level and the fit between your profile and the school's educational model


The post-graduate program at Centrale Méditerranée. with La Plateforme opens doors to the following specialties Data Sciences and and AI. The course delivers a post-graduate diploma in AI awarded by Centrale Méditerranée.


➔ Open to students at the end of the Master 2 program

➔ Open to engineering, computer science or business school graduates (BAC +5) with an appetite for AI and Data Science.

At the end of the course, you have the possibility of applying for the further studies of your choice. If your profile matches the requirements for entry into the program, your registration will be given priority.

What are the challenges
of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is now part of our language and has gradually become part of our daily lives.
It is disrupting ecosystems, companies and the relationships between the various players in all sectors of the economy.
Behind the computer algorithms(Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining...) there are new professions that allow companies to evolve by integrating Artificial Intelligence at the heart of their strategy. Although these jobs are still in their infancy, the needs have become very important in a few years. From now on, Artificial Intelligence is a vital issue in the medium term.

Thanks to its unique pedagogy, the AI School develops both hard and soft skills and thus opens up careers in AI in all key positions in companies.

The advantages of the Platform

La Plateforme is a digital and new technologies school co-founded with the Top 20 Club, which brings together the major companies of the Aix-Marseille metropolitan area. Our objective: to provide excellent training accessible to all, supported by innovative teaching methods and a constant concern for employability.

An active pedagogy

La Plateforme's unique pedagogical model adapts to each profile. It is active and inductive, project-oriented and learner-centered.

Expert speakers

Trainers and lecturers are selected from among qualified professionals still in activity. Experienced in the latest techniques and business needs.

Excellence at no cost

Tuition is free for the learner without compromising the quality of the training. Each year, La Plateforme certifies 90% of its learners.

A network of companies

Since its inception, La Plateforme has surrounded itself with a large network of partner companies, facilitating access to apprenticeship and employment.

Sofiane, 2nd year

"The best thing about the Platform is the diversity of the students, we learn from each other, we work in groups, and we are completely trusted."

Any questions?

How much does it cost?

Tuition fees are completely free
for learners. During your work-study period you will be paid by the company.

Is my employability guaranteed?

The Platform provides training in the most sought-after professions today.
within companies, opportunities are numerous and the work-study program will provide you with a first professional experience in the job title you have chosen.

Will I get help to find a work-study program?

The Platform is supported by a network of partner companies. We make sure to facilitate contact between our students and companies in the region and elsewhere.

How is the selection made?

It is accessible without prejudice of level or resources and totally free for the learner. There are no age requirements. After submitting your application, you will have to take a test, which will guide you to the stage of training that suits you best. Computer knowledge is not essential to the selection process, but maturity, willingness to learn, and a sense of collegiality are the most important factors in the selection process.