Improving the user and employee experience with UX Design

Why this training?

While we live in an experience society, too few companies have taken steps to improve the fluidity and attractiveness of their user experience. A poorly designed User Experience, UX, creates friction and harms the success of your digital products. However, it only takes a few simple and inexpensive actions to detect 85% of the main problems related to the user experience.

Teaching Objectives

  • Understand the challenges and processes of a UX approach
  • Know how to set up a campaign of interviews and user tests
  • Conduct a quick audit of your digital product
  • Identify and prioritise the main areas for improving the user experience


  • Definition of UX and UI Design tasks
  • Creation of an interview script around one of your issues
  • Methodologies for handling user feedback
  • Identification of existing ergonomic and functional frictions

Target Audience

  • Innovation Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Management
  • Project manager (digital)
  • Product Owner/Manager

Terms and Conditions

  • 1 day of theory and familiarisation
  • 1 day workshop (audit and script creation)
  • 1 day of restitution and processing of the data collected
  • Distance or face-to-face
  • Intra-company rates & dates: Quote on request
  • Up to 8 participants