Digital maturity audit

Why a digital maturity audit?

This audit allows you to have a synthetic but complete view of the digital maturity of your company, in relation to the maturity of the market.

The main digital dimensions are evaluated, namely culture, interactions and online visibility, the level of automation, the information system and collaborative tools, and finally the available data assets and your capacity for activation.

Educational objectives

  • Obtain a 360° view of its digital maturity in relation to the market trend
  • Benefit from an in-depth analysis based on an internal interview program and a document/tool analysis
  • Co-build an action plan and a roadmap with your teams based on clearly identified objectives

Digital maturity audit program

  • Phase 1 - Analysis: 3 to 5 interviews + documentary research (including 2 competitors)
  • Phase 2 - Synthesis and sharing: preparation and presentation of the digital maturity report
  • Phase 3 - Construction: Workshop to build the objectives and the roadmap, then formalization

Target audience

  • Chief Executive Officer, President
  • Marketing Manager
  • Data and or Digital Manager (CDO)
  • Innovation Manager

Terms and conditions

  • Consulting mission carried out by two consultants in Digital Transformation
  • Meetings of digital stakeholders in your company or remotely
  • 5 000 €