security administrator

The specialist training in Security Administration is a training that prepares the job ofSecurity Administrator (Bac +3). It is part of the Cybersecurity training.

Next start dates: February 2024, September 2024

Tuition at 0€, places are limited!

Pre-register now and be notified as soon as the selection tests open.
Direct entry into 2nd or 3rd year possible after test & file review.

Security Administrator Training

2 to 3 years depending on experience


60% school
40% alternation

Tuition fees: 0€.
Registration Fee:

  • 1st year: 0€.
  • 2nd year: 300€.

BAC +3

Security Administrator in Action

A certified sandwich course
to become a system and network administrator specializing in security

The Data, Network and System Security Manager provides support and technical assistance to the company's IT or telecom teams, users and customers.

It ensures compliance with the security standards and recommendations recommended by the competent bodies, in particular the ANSSI.

Objectives of the training

→ 1. Securing an Information System
→ 2. Securing data
→ 3. Securing networks
→ 4. Analyze and manage security risks


Network and Data System Manager - System Administrator - Network Administrator - Data Administrator - Security Solutions Administrator - DevOps - Information Systems Security Manager - CISO Assistant - IT Security Officer - Cybersecurity Consultant - SOC Analyst Operator - Cybersecurity Crisis Manager - Cybersecurity Threat Analyst - Information Systems Security Assessor


You will receive a selection test and participate in a possible interview to determine the adequacy between your profile and the school's educational model.

→ Direct access to BAC+2, BAC+3 possible a file and test demonstrating your achievements will be required, followed by interviews with the educational managers


Year 1 : Prepa - initiation & discovery IT

Discovery and initiation to digital professions and technologies allowing to refine one's choice of specialization: more information

UNIT 1 : Hardware, system & networks

→ Modeling an application

→ Develop a desktop-style user interface 

→ Develop data access components

→ Develop the front-end of a web user interface (HTML, CSS, JS...)

→ Develop the back-end of a web user interface (PHP, SQL)

UNIT 2: Programming & Algorithms

Electronics, IoT

Installation of operating systems


Learn to use Linux, Shell, Scripting

Learn development and algorithmic concepts.

UNIT 3 : Opening on digital specialties

Creating video montages, understanding the fundamentals of digital audio techniques.

Discovering the professions of design and digital graphics.

Year 2: Advanced system administration

In alternating years. Direct admission to the second year possible, after a test of achievement and analysis of the file.

UNIT 1 : Systems administration

→ Implementation of a customized SIEM

→ Setting up a firewall

→ Creation of a WEB server, FTP

UNIT 2 : Data administration

→ Setting up different RAIDs

→ Learning SQL

→ Forensic Analysis Project

UNIT 3 : Network administration

→ Using Cisco Packet Tracer

→ Create a VPN server

→ Realization of an addressing plan 

Year 3 : Administration & security expertise

In alternating years. Direct admission to 3rd year possible, after achievement test and file analysis.

UNIT 1 : Cloud administration

→ Getting to grips with cloud tools

→ Setting up a cloud architecture

→ Using Docker tools

UNIT 2 : Audit, risk analysis & risk treatment

→ Phishing awareness for a neophyte audience

→ Awareness of ISO standards

UNIT 3: Pentest & automation

→ Using the Kali Linux suite

→ Security vulnerability resolution

→ Test automation

What is a
system administrator
cybersecurity specialist?

With the increasing use of IT tools and the exponential growth of communication networks, information systems are equally exposed to security risks.

 The security administrator takes part in Risk Management and in the compliance of Information Systems.

His/her scope of activity falls within all or part of his/her field of expertise.
As he/she is in a critical position, the security manager may be required to work outside of his/her working hours.
This is particularly the case during updates which must take place when the infrastructure is least used (evenings and weekends) as well as in the event of a weakening of the infrastructure (attempted attacks, technical failure, etc.)

To know more

Cybersecurity faces ongoing talent shortage
sources :

Sectors that recruit:
Public administration, technology and services
information, banks, hospitals and health,

What opportunities

  • Careers of System and Network Security Administrator.
  • The Bachelor IT Admin Sécu can also be used to apply for the MSc Data Protection Officer (DPO - Bac+5).

The advantages of the Platform

La Plateforme is a digital and new technologies school co-founded with the Top 20 Club, which brings together the major companies of the Aix-Marseille metropolitan area. Our objective: to provide excellent training accessible to all, supported by innovative teaching methods and a constant concern for employability.

An active pedagogy

La Plateforme's unique pedagogical model adapts to each profile. It is active and inductive, project-oriented and learner-centered.

Expert speakers

Trainers and lecturers are selected from among qualified professionals still in activity. Experienced in the latest techniques and business needs.

Excellence at no cost

Tuition is free for the learner without compromising the quality of the training. Each year, La Plateforme certifies 90% of its learners.

A network of companies

Since its inception, La Plateforme has surrounded itself with a large network of partner companies, facilitating access to apprenticeship and employment.

Sofiane, 2nd year

"The best thing about the Platform is the diversity of the students, we learn from each other, we work in groups, and we are completely trusted."

Any questions?

How much does it cost?

Tuition fees are completely free
for learners. During your work-study period you will be paid by the company.

Is my employability guaranteed?

The Platform provides training in the most sought-after professions today.
within companies, opportunities are numerous and the work-study program will provide you with a first professional experience in the job title you have chosen.

Will I get help to find a work-study program?

The Platform is supported by a network of partner companies. We make sure to facilitate contact between our students and companies in the region and elsewhere.

How is the selection made?

It is accessible without prejudice of level or resources and totally free for the learner. There are no age requirements. After submitting your application, you will have to take a test, which will guide you to the stage of training that suits you best. Computer knowledge is not essential to the selection process, but maturity, willingness to learn, and a sense of collegiality are the most important factors in the selection process.

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