Capitalize on data to manage your business

Why this training?

Data has become a major asset in companies and a challenge for everyone. Thus, business experts must grasp the subject in order to master the concepts and identify the uses that will enable them to increase the performance of their company: to better understand their market, their customers, to optimize their processes or to obtain better indicators for decision-making.

Educational objectives

  • Discover the key concepts around data and develop your "Data literacy".
  • Master the best practices of data management in companies
  • Discover the uses of data, from Business Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence

Program phases

  • Concepts and definition
  • Data management in the company
  • The uses of data for business
  • Case study: practice reading and manipulating data with a data visualization tool to make the right decisions

Target audience

  • Directors and business managers (HR, finance, marketing, sales, production, development, etc.)
  • Project managers, Product Owner

Terms and conditions

  • 1 day for awareness
  • 3 days for the deepening
  • Remote or Face to face (in your offices or @The Platform_)
  • Rates and dates for in-company courses: Quote on request
  • Up to 15 participants