Build your digital tools on open source

Why this training?

The open source market continues to grow, and for good reason, these applications provide companies with flexibility, lower costs and regular updates, whether for building and administering their information systems, securing them or developing them. But how to cope with this plethora of solutions, what are the keys to making the right decisions and supporting the change in the context
of a migration to this type of solution?

Educational objectives

  • Understand the issues, opportunities and risks related to open source
  • Understand the intellectual property rights related to open source
  • Discover the main solutions on the market
  • Master the best practices of an implementation or migration project

Program phases

  • Origin and functioning and specificities of the opensource
  • Managing intellectual property on an open source project
  • Overview of market solutions and keys to make a choice
  • Project management: some keys to deploy or migrate to open source
  • It's your turn! Think about a use case for open source in your company

Target audience

  • ISD
  • Developer
  • IS Project Manager
  • MOA Manager

Terms and conditions

  • 1 day
  • Remote or Face to face (in your offices or @The Platform_)
  • Rates & dates for in-company courses: contact us
  • Up to 15 participants