Data Protection Officer

Data Protection Officer*
Master of Sciences MSc, equivalent to BAC +5
8 months of work experience

Next school year: September 2024


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12 months,
8 months of which are in a work-study program
Campus La Plateforme, Marseille
60% school
40% alternation
Free for learners
RNCP Niv 7
BAC +5
Security Administrator in Action

DPO Training: Data Protection Officer 

Your future company is counting on you to be RGPD compliant

The DPO (Data Protection Officer) is the person in charge of the protection of personal data within public or private organizations.

It advises and supports organizations in their compliance with the legal framework relating to personal data

The training course leads to a European level 7 RNCP* title (equivalent to BAC +5)

Certification Code : RNCP36046

Objectives of the training

➔ 1. Legal & technical framing
➔ 2. Implementing a security and compliance policy
➔ 3. Manage security incidents and requests
➔ 4. Accompany users in the application of rules


 Data protection officer - RGPD consultant - RGPD trainer


➔ After a bachelor's degree in IT Cybersecurity at the Platform.

➔ Direct entry for profiles that already have a foundation in system, network and data administration or law. You will be asked to submit a file demonstrating your experience, followed by interviews with the educational managers.



Legal & technical
& technical

➔ What are the sources of law?

➔ What is the GDPR?

➔ What are the obligations of companies and administrations regarding the management of personal data?

➔ What are the strategic issues?


Implement a security and
and compliance policy

➔ Implementation of data protection policies.

➔ Security by Design,

➔ Security by Default,

➔ setting up and monitoring records of processing activities (what data
is stored, how long, for what purpose, who the owners are...)


Manage security incidents
and requests

➔ Identification and tracking of security and compliance incidents.

➔ Interactions with stakeholders (CNIL, users...). Forensic.

➔ Technology and legal watch


Accompanying users
in the application of the rules

➔ Communication and awareness-raising of management, departments and employees on the rules relating to the protection of personal data by conducting information and advisory actions.

➔ Explanation of safety recommendations and monitoring of developments specific to subcontractors

What are the missions and role of the DPO?

The DPO (Data Protection Officer) is the person in charge of the protection of personal data within public or private organizations.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of May 2018 sets out the rules for the appointment, duties, tasks and certifications of a DPO.

A true conductor, the data protection officer ensures the management of compliance with the RGPD within the company, manages requests for the exercise of rights, is the privileged contact with the supervisory authority, and accompanies the change in the use of data within the organization.

To know more

TOP #1 most wanted jobs on Linkedin
sources : Linkedin study

Sectors that recruit:
Public administration, information technology and services, banking, hospitals and health, insurance

Former positions of new DPOs:
CIL, Legal, IT, legal advisors, lawyers

Success rate: 100%.
Rate of obtaining all or part of the DPO designation in 2021-2022 within The Platform

What opportunities

  • Jobs of Data Protection Officer (DPO).

The advantages of the Platform

La Plateforme is a digital and new technologies school co-founded with the Top 20 Club, which brings together the major companies of the Aix-Marseille metropolitan area. Our objective: to provide excellent training accessible to all, supported by innovative teaching methods and a constant concern for employability.

An active pedagogy

La Plateforme's unique pedagogical model adapts to each profile. It is active and inductive, project-oriented and learner-centered.

Expert speakers

Trainers and lecturers are selected from among qualified professionals still in activity. Experienced in the latest techniques and business needs.

Excellence at no cost

Tuition is free for the learner without compromising the quality of the training. Each year, La Plateforme certifies 90% of its learners.

A network of companies

Since its inception, La Plateforme has surrounded itself with a large network of partner companies, facilitating access to apprenticeship and employment.

" Thanks to my DPO training and my efforts, I found a work-study position at Netsystem as a data privacy consultant."

DPO student
Data protection consultant at Netsystem

Any questions?

How much does it cost?

Tuition is completely free for learners.
for the students. During your work-study period you will be paid by the company.

Is my employability guaranteed?

The DPO job is one of the most sought-after jobs today. Within the company or in a consulting firm, opportunities are numerous and the work-study program will provide you with a first professional experience on the job title.

Is the training recognized?

The DPO training at La Plateforme is certified and leads to a Level 7 RNCP professional title equivalent to a BAC +5.

Will I get help to find a work-study program?

The Platform is supported by a network of partner companies. We make sure to facilitate contact between our students and companies in the region and elsewhere.

How is the selection made?

It is accessible without prejudice of level or resources and totally free for the learner. There are no age requirements. After submitting your application, you will have to take a test, which will guide you to the stage of training that suits you best. Computer knowledge is not essential to the selection process, but maturity, willingness to learn, and a sense of collegiality are the most important factors in the selection process.