Supporting companies in their digital transformation

The Platform_ is developing an offer dedicated to companies in the region to access a unique pool of talent (future recruits but also experts, consultants, trainers), to help them take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital technologies. We have designed systems to help you accelerate your innovation, train your employees and access the talents of the Platform's learners.

Recruit our talents

The Platform_ helps you select the tech talent that will join your team, for a short period or for the long term.

Training you in digital technology

We help your teams to increase their skills in digital and data so that they can be autonomous tomorrow.

Accelerate your innovation

From the digital diagnosis of your company to the prototyping of a digital solution through the scoping of your project, we help you to hatch projects and launch them.

Recruit our talents

The Platform_ helps you select the tech talent that will join your team, for a short period or for the long term.

Web development

Learners in training at the coding school.

On the Professional course in Web development, Level BAC+2, professional project of 3 months to realize in a company from May.

On the curriculum Web Development Specialist, Level BAC+3/4, 12 months of alternation to realize from September.

Data Science

Learners in the AI school who specialize in data and artificial intelligence

For the Artificial Intelligence Specialist program, Bac+3/4 level, 6 months of work experience starting in February.

On the curriculum Project Manager in AI, Level Bac+5, 12 months of alternation to realize from November.

Centrale Digital Lab, a high-level post-graduate training program at Centrale Marseille with La Plateforme_ provides for two projects of 8 to 10 weeks each, supported by companies and carried out by a team of 3 to 4 students, as well as a 6-month internship.


Learners in the cyber security school who specialize in computer security.

On the Professional course of secure development, Level BAC+3/4, 8 months of alternation to realize from January.

On the Information Systems Security Manager course, BAC+3/4 level, 7 months of work experience starting in February.

On the Data Protection Officer (DPO) course, BAC+5 level, 8 months of work experience starting in January.

Download the calendar showing the modalities and availability of the learners of all the courses.

Training you in digital technology

La Plateforme_ has designed a continuous training offer based on new learning methods to guarantee the understanding and appropriation of knowledge. Our training programs are available in both remote and face-to-face formats and can be customized to meet your objectives and challenges.


La Plateforme_ is Qualiopi certified.
Our team is at your disposal to help you find the best ways to finance your training: contact us!

Digital Flash Diagnostic #Free

One hour interview with a Senior Digital Consultant to identify areas for rapid progress.

Digital maturity audit

To get a 360° view of its digital maturity.

Digital Conversation Course

To get insight and practical advice on digital trends.

Design Thinking

To be customer-centric in designing solutions.


To transform your approach to projects

Commercial 3.0

To understand and master digital acquisition techniques

Digital Marketing

To optimize your presence on the internet and your social networks.

UX Design

To improve the user and employee experience by mastering the UX approach

Remote manager

To mobilize employees and maintain team spirit even when telecommuting.

"Today, we must all be prepared to continuously evolve our skills to embrace the transformations of our world.
Cyril Zimmermann - Founder of La Plateforme


To discover the key concepts around data and develop your "Data literacy".

Artificial Intelligence

To finally understand what we are talking about and how to create value with AI

Cloud Computing

To discover cloud computing and best practices for migration.


To secure your information system against new threats.

70% of training managers note an increase in training needs in the digital sector

Source : Empowill


To imagine new services thanks to these disruptive technologies.

Open Source

To master market solutions and best practices for deployment.

Accelerate your innovation

The Platform_ helps you to assess your digital maturity, to frame your projects and to test them by creating a prototype.

Free Digital Flash Diagnosis

1 hour of personalized advice to get your digital strategy off the ground.
Meet virtually for 1 hour with a member of our consulting team and benefit from their advice over an e-coffee.

Workshop Factory

Do you need to mobilize your team to quickly design your digital project specifications, a roadmap or an action plan for your digital and/or Data strategy?

Innovation practitioners, experts in new technologies and seasoned facilitators design and conduct customized workshops to help you leave with the deliverables you need to move forward!

Protop'algo Lab

You want to create a POC / prototype in datascience from your specifications and your data? Entrust this mission to a team of 4 to 5 students from the Central Digital Lab, post-graduate level! For 8 weeks, the students work full time on the design of your prototype, coached by an AI expert from La Plateforme_ and yourself! The best way to test your solution quickly and at a lower cost before industrializing it.