Preparation for CNIL / DPO certification

Bringing your company into compliance

The entry into force of the GDPR has established new rights and changed the way we work.

Companies must appoint their DPO to manage the data collected. We accompany you for that thanks to our training to this key function.

Our training "Preparation for CNIL / RGPD certification" addresses the practical and operational aspects for the daily missions of a DPO.

All aspects of the job are clarified by learning the technical, legal and organizational skills necessary for this new profession.

Our advantages

O ur pedagogical team alternates theoretical and practical notions, favoring trainee participation. This interactivity allows an assimilation of the concepts of personal data protection.

You will also have the opportunity to exchange with DPOs from partner companies who will come and share their experience.

At the end of this training, you will have the opportunity to access the certification tests for the title of Data Protection Officer (DPO), approved by the CNIL and valid for 3 years.

Campus La Plateforme
8, rue d'Hozier, 13002 Marseille
Métro Joliette.

June 1-2, 8-9 and 15, 2023
7 h/day
Training 35h Inter-company

Objectives of the training

The objectives of the training are to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform their role as Data Protection Officer (DPO) in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Specific objectives include gaining knowledge of the principles and obligations of the GDPR, learning new technologies and methods related to data protection, and developing the skills necessary to manage processes and data breaches.

Targeted skills

basic data protection knowledge (CNIL, RGPD, etc.),
data management and privacy skills,
compliance and risk management skills,
cybersecurity and data security skills,
data control and governance skills,
communication and training skills,
data protection policy management skills

Description of the training

Training fee : 1990 € HT

Your OPCO can pay for the 35-hour training as part of a skills development plan.

Target audience

Company managers, DPOs as well as employees with IT, legal, administrative, financial, compliance, auditing, etc. profiles.

Level of previous knowledge required

Trainees must have professional experience of of at least at least 2 years.

Day 1

  • General introduction to data protection
  • Understand the principles of the RGPD and identify the legal bases
  • Data transfers outside the European Union
  • Implement data protection by design and by default

Day 2

  • The DPO: missions, roles and functions
  • Determine data security measures
  • Maintain and update your records

Day 3

  • Informing people and enabling them to exercise their rights
  • Personal data breaches
  • Manage subcontracting
  • The registers

Day 4

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment
  • Codes of conduct and certifications
  • The control authority

Day 5

  • Audits and compliance monitoring over time
  • Awareness and training
  • Monitoring of the DPO's activity

Your companions

Frédéric Fabregue - Academy 909

Certified External DPO,
Data Protection and Cybersecurity Trainer

Sadatt Zakari - The Platform

Legal DPO RGPD compliance, DPO trainer


  • Caroline RAIMUNDO - Compliance Manager of Compagnie du Ponant
  • Audrey MORLIERE - DPO of RTM Régie des Transports Métropolitains
  • Terry CRISTINELLI - Cybersecurity Education Manager - The Platform

Teaching aids
& techniques

A course guide is given at the beginning of the course.

The training is carried out in person in the premises of the training organization and with the technical means made available by the trainers. The training consists of theoretical notions and a practical part (case studies carried out by the trainers).

Each day is punctuated by time for discussion (round tables) between the trainees and the trainers. The material dedicated to the training is the following:

➔ Meeting room

➔ Computer

Large screen

For breaks, a coffee machine will be available.

Means of evaluation
implemented and monitored

Control of learning during training

O ral evaluation done with participants at the end of each module.

Practical cases at the end of each module on actual cases.

Accessibility for people with disabilities

The law of September 5, 2018 for the "freedom to choose one's professional future" aims to facilitate access to employment for people with disabilities.

Our organization tries to give everyone an equal opportunity to access or maintain employment.

We can adapt some of our training modalities, for that, we will study together your needs.

For any questions, please contact
Jessica Soriano

Information, registration & contact

Registration and additional information requests by email at

The trainee can register up to 14 days before the beginning of the before the beginning of the training.

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