Invest in tomorrow's talent, donate the balance of your apprenticeship tax to La Plateforme!

The Platform, a school to train
the talents of tomorrow

Located in the center of Marseille between the Porte d'Aix and the Joliette,
The Platform is a computer school and digital professions accessible to all without any tuition fees.

Based on work-study programs in companies, its courses offer students from all backgrounds, with or without a baccalaureate, the opportunity to follow a curriculum lasting several years and leading to professional qualifications equivalent to a baccalaureate.

Building on its success since opening in 2019, La Plateforme is expanding with the goal of training 3,000 students per year by 2026.

How can I participate as a company?


As the only tax for which a company can choose the beneficiary, the apprenticeship tax is an opportunity for you to directly support our school. Choosing La Plateforme means participating directly in the training of our students who may join your company.

In this way, you participate in

To the influence at La Plateforme, Campus Méditerranéen du Numérique, the first school for digital professions in work-study in France.
To the development of the professional network of partner companies of our establishment To an innovative pedagogy adapted to the needs of the companies in our region, which prepares our learners in Web Coding, AI and Cyber Security to take on the challenges of tomorrow!

Your support will help us to realize our projects.

students in training

Contribute to the future of tomorrow's talent

Since January 1, 2020, Law n°2018-771 of September 5, 2018 for the freedom to choose one's professional future has modified the methods for collecting and distributing the apprenticeship tax (articles L6241-1 to L6241-5 of the Labor Code).

In 2022, companies will pay the apprenticeship tax in two ways:

  • Main part: To be paid each month to URSSAF.
  • Balance: 13% of the 0.68% TA (gross payroll for the year 2021) can be paid directly to the training institutions of their choice.

Pay your 13% in three steps

Calculate your 13%.

*The amount of your 2022 Balance is : MS Gross 2021 x 0.68% x 13%
Possible deduction of CSA for companies with +250 employees.

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Payment by check made out to the Marseille Platform or by bank transfer

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