Imagining new sources of value with blockchain

Why this training?

Blockchain, first known through bitcoin and crypto-currencies, is a transparent and secure technology for storing and transmitting information. More and more industries are now interested in blockchain in order to make transactions or information chains more reliable. This training will allow you to better understand this technology, its uses and to imagine applications for your activity.

Educational objectives

  • Understanding blockchain technology
  • Identify the industrial and economic challenges of blockchain
  • Imagining new sources of value with blockchain

Program phases

  • Origin and functioning of the blockchain
  • Economic, industrial and legal stakes of blockchain
  • Overview of the main technologies and solutions
  • Examples of application cases
  • It's your turn! Imagine the contours of a Blockchain project

Target audience

  • ISD
  • Business Unit Management
  • Innovation Director
  • Investor

Terms and conditions

  • 1 day
  • Remote or Face to face (in your offices or @The Platform_)
  • Rates and dates for in-company courses: Quote on request
  • Up to 15 participants