The Innovation Lab is a post-graduate program for learning about innovation.
Each class is interdisciplinary and brings together a variety of profiles from design, technology, social sciences and entrepreneurship.

Surrounded by a network of professionals and experts recognized in their fields, the 15 students in the "Living Tomorrow" Lab will work together on a key issue in the field of urban planning and housing: control of use .

They will explore concrete issues such as:

  • How can user control respond to the major changes in current behaviors and lifestyles, which are currently disrupting all housing professions (developers, architects, landlords, project owners, planners, etc.)?
  • How to develop a combination of know-how and interpersonal skills essential to the management of an urban or housing project, such as listening, empathy, observation of needs, identification of weak signals, dialogue, creativity and the ability to project into the near future?

The final innovation objective of the program will be to design a creative toolbox for the (multiple) actors concerned by the control of use, proposing a certain number of experiences and methodologies that can be easily deployed in the field. 

While working on this common thread, students will acquire different innovation methods from design, collective intelligence and creative prototyping.

Workshop for the class of 2022

Workshop for the class of 2022

From March 28
to July 13 2023

Free training, working language: French
Hybrid program: 12 weeks at La Plateforme, Marseilles, 4 weeks in remote
Terms: 4 days / week from Tuesday to Friday
Application deadline: Friday, March 10, 2023.
Applications are considered on a rolling basis.
Selection: based on application and interview

Participants profiles

Profiles from various backgrounds (young graduates, working professionals or those changing careers, project leaders, etc.), wishing to strengthen their skills in innovation through design and collaborative practices, interested in co-design methods with users and in the urban planning and housing sectors.


Concrete objectives:

  • Develop technical and relational skills to manage innovation projects 
  • Exploring the complex issues of housing and control of use 
  • Co-design a toolbox of creative experiences to implement user control actions in housing projects and
  • Work collaboratively in an interdisciplinary team
  • Develop a professional network

Program éléments

  • Systemic analysis 
  • Prototyping
  • Collaborative and interdisciplinary work methods
  • Co-design / open innovation tools
  • Societal and environmental approach

Team and stakeholders

The program includes high-level speakers, which we will reveal in the coming weeks.

Training program

Phase #1 - Exploration 

Observation, research, and inspiration // Analyze and define the problem in its complexity, observe the field, meet users and stakeholders

  • What are the major challenges for housing in the context of the environmental crisis? 
  • State of the art of user control: what are we talking about? for whom? with whom? for what purpose? 
  • Introduction to field observation methods
  • Examples and existing initiatives (conferences, workshops, research)
  • Conceptualization (rapid ideation, design sprints, pitching)

Phase #2 - Ideation

Creative exploration of future uses in the home // Imagine concepts, explore them and align the vision with users

  • Design fiction, design service
  • Visualization of scenarios
  • Rapid idea development (rapid prototyping techniques)

Phase #3 - Prototyping

Modeling ideas // Making concepts real

  • Modeling of concepts in interdisciplinary groups (methodological toolbox for mastery of use)
  • Testing and iteration with users
  • Prototyping.

Phase #4 - Documentation

Share results // Write a concept note

  • Concept notes

  • Pitch of the results

Participants' projects

A selection of emblematic projects carried out over the years.

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