Digital Conversation Course

Why this course?

Company or department managers must constantly make crucial decisions in an increasingly uncertain and changing environment. The challenges and opportunities of digital technology are among the subjects that must be mastered in order to make the right decisions. This course allows you to meet experts on the major topics of digital transformation to better understand the new technologies and to reflect on your own priorities and orientations.

Educational objectives

  • Understand the main issues related to digital transformation
  • Think about the levers to activate for your organization
  • Get practical advice and constructive feedback


Program phases

  • Introduction to Digital Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence and the data revolution
  • Putting people at the heart of the company's cybersecurity strategy
  • Digital for a seamless customer experience
  • New ways of working and associated technologies (agility, cloud, workspace...)

Target audience: executives

  • General Manager
  • President
  • Unit Director, CxO

Terms and conditions

  • 5 sessions of 1h30 of exchanges with experts on the topics addressed
  • Up to 5 participants
  • In-class or distance learning
  • 5 000€