Prospecting with digital tools thanks to Commercial 3.0

Why this training?

Commercial 3.0 (sometimes referred to as Growth Hacking) is a new field of opportunity for those who want to develop their business and acquire new customers. It is about optimizing the conversation tunnel using digital tools adapted to your business objectives. This training will allow you to discover the contours of this new approach, the tools and best practices to accelerate the commercial development of your organization.

Educational objectives

  • Understand and master digital acquisition techniques
  • Optimize synergies between online and offline strategies
  • Think about the impact on your sales organization

Program phases

  • The key principles of Commercial 3.0
  • Shipping in the lead nurturing funnel
  • Consolidate your contact base
  • From acquisition to retention: tools and best practices
  • How not to cross the red line

Target audience

  • Sales Manager
  • Acquisition Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Digital Marketing Manager

Terms and conditions

  • 1 day for awareness
  • 3 days for in-depth training (in your offices or @La Plateforme_)
  • Rates & dates for in-company courses: contact us
  • Up to 15 participants