Focusing on the customer with Design Thinking

Why this training?

How to get inspired by the world of design to innovate? Design thinking is a proven method that allows you to build products, solutions, projects... in an iterative and empathetic way to guarantee the adequacy between your solution and the expectations of your internal or external customers.

Educational objectives

  • Be comfortable with the design thinking process to innovate
  • Putting the design thinking approach into practice step by step

Program phases

  • Origin and key principles of design thinking
  • The design thinking process through 6 main steps
  • Shipping through tools and methods
  • Application of design thinking on a project

Target audience

  • Innovation Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Data Manager
  • Project manager (digital)
  • Product Manager

Terms and conditions

  • 1 day for awareness
  • 3 days for the deepening
  • Remote or Face to face (in your offices or @The Platform_)
  • Rates and dates for in-company courses: Quote on request
  • Up to 15 participants