Digital Flash Diagnostic

Why this diagnosis?

Digital can offer you many opportunities, both to improve the experience offered to your customers and to increase your operational performance. However, it is not easy to assess your maturity and to deeply transform yourself while keeping track of your operational activities.

This first level of diagnosis allows you to quickly identify your strengths and areas for improvement and to prioritize a few actions that will quickly yield tangible benefits.


  • To know the main dimensions of Digital to develop
  • Benefit from an expert and external view of its global digital maturity
  • Quickly identify areas for improvement and actions to be taken

Interview program (duration: 1 hour)

  • Self-assessment of overall digital maturity (strategy, organization, skills, tools, culture)
  • Evaluation of the level of digitalization/automation of processes
  • Evaluation of the quality of digital contact points (website, app, portal ...)

Target audience

  • Chief Executive Officer, President
  • Marketing Manager
  • Data and or Digital Manager (CDO)
  • Innovation Manager

Terms and conditions

  • One hour interview with a Senior Digital Consultant
  • Face-to-face or Distance Learning
  • Free