Concept of the Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is a postgraduate innovation learning facility.


Each class is interdisciplinary and brings together a variety of profiles from the fields of design, technology, social sciences and entrepreneurship.


Each lab works on a specific theme, and explores concrete issues identified with the Platform's professional partners.


The Innovation Lab places societal impact at the heart of its objectives, and offers courses that open up to models of circularity, decentralization, co-design and eco-design.


The purpose of the lab is to develop a strong capacity for systemic analysis of today's challenges in a digital society.

Training courses

Living in the future:
co-constructing with users

What tools, protocols and experiences can be devised to involve users in the design and management of tomorrow's habitat?

From March 28 to July 13, 2023 (16 weeks)
4 weeks online,
12 weeks at La Plateforme, Marseille

Social Networks of Tomorrow: Building the Decentralized Web

How can we imagine a new form of decentralized, autonomous and tailor-made social networks that meet the specific needs of local communities?

From April 17 to July 28, 2023 (15 weeks)
11 weeks online,
4 weeks at La Plateforme, Marseille

Candidate Profiles

Young graduates, professionals in transition, researchers, freelancers... we select complementary talents to form interdisciplinary teams:

Learners leave with...

Innovation tools and methodologies from design practices

The skills needed to participate in the realization of collaborative projects

An expertise on the topics addressed

A professional network

Completed projects to be highlighted in their portfolio

They testify

The lab has accelerated meetings with professionals I've wanted to meet for a long time. it's a great networking opportunity

Innovation Lab "Habiter Demain

The lab was a great transition time between my studies and the professional world. I found tools to complete my methodology and a way to put my thinking

Innovation Lab "Habiter Demain

The lab gave me a lot of confidence in my ability to manage an innovation project, it allowed me to put words to my skills after a professional reconversion

Innovation Lab "Habiter Demain

Thanks to the Habiter demain lab, I learned concrete techniques for integrating users into my work as a designer, which was not my way of doing things before

Innovation Lab "Habiter Demain

Pedagogical team

Our Partners

Project Liberty aims to build a new foundation for the digital society, where citizens will once again have control over their data, where ethical principles will be an integral part of the technologies, with economic opportunities for both Internet users and developers.

See the Project Liberty website

Banque des Territoires
Caisse des Dépôts is a public financial institution that carries out public interest missions in support of public policies. As a trusted third-party manager, long-term investor and lender, Caisse des Dépôts facilitates the implementation of innovative, sustainable and solidarity-based projects and participates in the country's economic development. Banque des Territoires has been supporting the Innovation Lab Habiter Demain since 2020.

See the website of the Banque des Territoires