Managing from a distance by capitalising on collaborative tools

Why this training?

Since the beginning of the COVID crisis, managers have had to learn "on the job" how to engage teams and maintain collaboration and performance at a distance.
However, this cannot be improvised. This training course provides a review of the fundamentals of team management and motivation, good practices in on-boarding and off-boarding, daily management and remote project management.

Teaching Objectives

  • Recall the fundamentals of management and motivation
  • Discover good management practices and online collaborative tools
  • Train to communicate better at a distance, maintain team spirit and identify individual difficulties within the team


  • Cooperation, communication and remote mobilisation: good practices and tools (Office Suite OR Google, Trello, Slack ...)
  • Specificities of onboarding, offboarding and remote project management
  • Putting it into practice

Target Audience

  • All remote managers

Terms and Conditions

  • 1 Day for Awareness
  • 3 days for deepening
  • Distanciel or Presential (in your premises or @La Plateforme_)
  • Rates & dates for in-company courses: contact us
  • Up to 15 participants