La Plateforme_Var

Specialization on a computer language
à la carte

HTML // CSS// PHP// SQL// Javascript // Python // C

4 months including
10 days internship


85% school
15% company

Paid for learners



Participants profiles

Degree required and or competitive exam
No prerequisites

Desired level (French, English)
B2/C1 level in French

✔ S pecial requirements
Computer equipment required (laptop)

Course of action

✔ Sessions:
Toulon: 06/11/2023 to 01/03/2024
Brignoles: 08/01/2024 to 26/04/2024
✔ Duration: 469 hours at the center / 70 hours at the company
✔ Type of course: classroom
✔ Special conditions: Compulsory internship


Modules 1: Refresher course in computing, French and mathematics
Modules 2: Cross-disciplinary employment
Modules 3: Cross-disciplinary development
Modules 4: Cross-disciplinary application development
Modules 5: A la carte languages: HTML / CSS, PHP, SQL, Javascript, Python, C

Training open to all, no age or income requirements.

Javascript language : Notions in coding (proven skills), often self-taught or trained in secondary school.
Python languages: Experienced level in computing and/or self-taught, having already followed an initiation or trained in secondary school. Refresher course in a specific language.

Admission requirements
✔ Application form
✔ Positioning tests (logic, appetence for the sector)
✔ Motivational interview
✔ Responses to applications 24 hours after validation CAF by phone and email

Jobs / opportunities
Designer developer, computer application designer, application developer, computer developer.


Towards which jobs?

Web Developer

Frontend Developer

Web integrator

Backend Developer

Fullstack Developer

Student La Plateforme - Concentrated Start

Jeanne, 24 years old

"The best thing about the Platform is the diversity
of students, we learn from each other, we work as a group, and we are
in groups, and we are trusted completely."

Presentation of the school La Plateforme

La Plateforme is a digital and new technologies school co-founded with the Top 20 Club, which brings together the major companies of the Aix-Marseille metropolitan area. Our objective: training of excellence accessible to all, supported by an innovative pedagogy and a constant concern for employability

An active pedagogy

La Plateforme's unique pedagogical model adapts to each profile. It is active and inductive, project-oriented and learner-centered.

Expert speakers

Trainers and lecturers are selected from among qualified professionals who are still active, experienced in the latest techniques and business needs.

Excellence at no cost

Tuition is free for the learner without compromising the quality of the training. Each year, La Plateforme certifies 90% of its learners.

A network of companies

Since its inception, La Plateforme has surrounded itself with a large network of partner companies, facilitating access to apprenticeship and employment.