After a career spanning more than 40 years in tech and business management, Jérôme Savajols joins La Plateforme's teams as Associate Director for its "Atelier" project.

We asked him a few questions: 

Jérôme, can you tell us about your background and what drives you?

I've been doing business and exploring code and tech for over 40 years.
40 years of entrepreneurial passion!
What drives me is quite simple: create solutions, solve problems and pass them on.
For me, happy customers = happy teams!

Why did you join Atelier de La Plateforme?

After a life of entrepreneurship, management and intrapreuneur at Delta Assurances (Groupe Candide), I'm keen to share my energy and experience.
Today, I'm looking to pass on my passions while helping to build an ambitious project in our region, and what better way of doing so than to join the La Plateforme teams?

Can you tell us more about the type of projects you take on at L'Atelier? Which companies might be interested?

At Atelier de La Plateforme, we create web applications, mobile apps and websites for companies of all sizes.
All of our creations are created by work-study students from the school's curriculum, with lead developers and project managers to supervise them.
The workshop is an airlock for professionalization, preparing work-study students for the world of work by perfecting their knowledge of technologies, infrastructures and corporate codes. Living and working together.
The constant use of agile methods, and Scrum in particular, guides us in the co-construction of projects with customers and provides a structuring framework for the team.

What do you think of La Plateforme's model?

For me, one of the main qualities of the model developed by La Plateforme is its alternating nature.
I draw a parallel between work-study and apprenticeship. A developer is a digital craftsman (sometimes an artist).
At the end of their studies, students still have a lot to learn. Work-study programs are a great way of gaining experience and integrating into a company.
Often, companies expect too much from the work-study students they take on, and don't take enough time to integrate these new talents.
For their part, students starting a work-study program have to understand the constraints of a company and the life of a team. The transition from solitary developer to contributor to a collective working towards the success of a project is crucial, and this is what La Plateforme aims to bring to all its students.

L'Atelier is a place for co-construction, where La Plateforme's students and experts help companies develop and implement their digital projects.

Whether it's an assignment lasting a few weeks or several months, l'Atelier's teams are at your disposal to help you achieve your objectives:

  •  The Platform brings the energy of its students and the skills of its experts.
  •  The company contributes to a project by taking an active part in its development.

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