Do you know Hugo?
He is a student in Bachelor AI at the school and passionate about data. He has all the ingredients of a true Plateformer!

We asked him three questions:

Can you tell us about your career in a few words?

"I have been living in Marseille for 5 years, after having lived in Madagascar for 10 years.
And after 2 years of a MIASHS degree in mathematics and statistics applied to sociology, I quickly realized that my training lacked a lot of concreteness and that the choices of jobs at the end of it were quite limited... I heard about the Platform from a friend who was in training at the school and it immediately interested me!"

Now that you are a student at the school, how do you feel about it?

"I love the flexibility we can take advantage of at the school! We work on diverse and increasingly complex projects.
It allows us to acquire a solid foundation and to discover our specialty. For me, for example, no doubt, after my initial training in applied mathematics and statistics, it was AI!"

And beyond the school?

"I'd rather say that, in addition to school, I'm really happy to have found my next work-study program at Volta Médical, a start-up from Marseille that develops AI software for cardiology! If all goes well I start next September, and I can't wait, their project is very innovative, and AI in health, it's hard to do more concrete!"

If you would like to know more about Hugo and call on him, feel free to check out his LinkedIn profile here: