The "Social Networks of Tomorrow" Innovation Lab, realized with the partnership of Project Liberty and McCourt Institute, documented all of its work on a dedicated portfolio site and participated in the UNFINISHEDLIVE conference in New York, a conference dedicated to the decentralization of social networks and digital democracy. Here are some key moments of the program.

The bootcamp

For three months, the Lab's learners worked with communities in Marseille to understand how they use today's social networks, and how emerging concepts such as web3 could materialize into small-scale, tailored social networks targeting a specific community.


Participation in Unfinishedlive

In New York, our team presented the results of the training as well as conducted a workshop to write "farewell letters" to the current social networks; these letters were then sent to the major social networks by mail.

Vytas Jankauskas, training manager, and Daiva Venckus, senior manager at Project Liberty, discussed the Lithuanian revolution in the 1990s. Their conversation highlighted how small decentralized movements enabled a structured resistance against the Soviet regime, and what knowledge could be drawn from them to enrich the reflection on the decentralization experienced today.


All lab results online

The portfolio site of the Innovation lab "Social networks of tomorrow" gathers the method, realized projects, and an essay on the relevance of Marseille and its communities as a case study for digital decentralization: