Jérôme Savajols joins the Atelier de La Plateforme team

Jérôme Savajols joins the Atelier de La Plateforme team

After a career spanning more than 40 years in tech and business management, Jérôme Savajols joins La Plateforme's teams as Associate Director for its "Atelier" project.

We asked him a few questions: 

Jérôme, can you tell us about your background and what drives you?

I've been doing business and exploring code and tech for over 40 years.
40 years of entrepreneurial passion!
What drives me is quite simple: create solutions, solve problems and pass them on.
For me, happy customers = happy teams!

Why did you join Atelier de La Plateforme?

After a life of entrepreneurship, management and intrapreuneur at Delta Assurances (Groupe Candide), I'm keen to share my energy and experience.
Today, I'm looking to pass on my passions while helping to build an ambitious project in our region, and what better way of doing so than to join the La Plateforme teams?

Can you tell us more about the type of projects you take on at L'Atelier? Which companies might be interested?

At Atelier de La Plateforme, we create web applications, mobile apps and websites for companies of all sizes.
All of our creations are created by work-study students from the school's curriculum, with lead developers and project managers to supervise them.
The workshop is an airlock for professionalization, preparing work-study students for the world of work by perfecting their knowledge of technologies, infrastructures and corporate codes. Living and working together.
The constant use of agile methods, and Scrum in particular, guides us in the co-construction of projects with customers and provides a structuring framework for the team.

What do you think of La Plateforme's model?

For me, one of the main qualities of the model developed by La Plateforme is its alternating nature.
I draw a parallel between work-study and apprenticeship. A developer is a digital craftsman (sometimes an artist).
At the end of their studies, students still have a lot to learn. Work-study programs are a great way of gaining experience and integrating into a company.
Often, companies expect too much from the work-study students they take on, and don't take enough time to integrate these new talents.
For their part, students starting a work-study program have to understand the constraints of a company and the life of a team. The transition from solitary developer to contributor to a collective working towards the success of a project is crucial, and this is what La Plateforme aims to bring to all its students.

L'Atelier is a place for co-construction, where La Plateforme's students and experts help companies develop and implement their digital projects.

Whether it's an assignment lasting a few weeks or several months, l'Atelier's teams are at your disposal to help you achieve your objectives:

  •  The Platform brings the energy of its students and the skills of its experts.
  •  The company contributes to a project by taking an active part in its development.

Find out more at https://laplateforme.io/entreprise/atelier-co-creation-numerique/


La Plateforme launches its new Master of Science IT & Business

La Plateforme launches its new Master of Science IT & Business

In collaboration withc KEDGE Business School, La Plateforme launches its MSc IT & Business program next September, with 3 specialtiess dedicated to Information Technology (IT): Artificial Intelligence / Data, Web Data, Web Engineering and System & Network Security, and a core Business curriculum.

MSc IT & Business: a 2-year course to develop complementary dual expertise

Thanks to the highly complementary expertise of KEDGE Business School and the la Plateformethe new MSc IT & Business will enable students to to excel in the world of IT while mastering marketing and business issues.

The MSc IT & Business will involve 1200 hours of training over 2 yearsentirely on a sandwich course free of charge for the learner (like most of the courses offered at the Platform).

The 2-year program includes: 

  • EXPERTISE IT - 600 hours, with a choice of 3 specialties: 
    • Web engineering
      Careers: Lead Dev, Web Project Manager, Web Marketing Manager, E-commerce Manager, Web Project Manager, Traffic Acquisition/SEO Manager.
    • Artificial Intelligence & Data
      Career opportunities: Artificial Intelligence project manager, AI team manager, Machine Learning/Deep Learning project manager.
    • System & Network Security
      Career options: Cybersecurity consultant, Security architect, Cybersecurity analyst.
  • BUSINESS - 240 hours

A dual expertise serving the local ecosystem and the region's dynamism

This brand new two-year BAC+5 levellevel, offered within the Platform from September 2023will enable technical profiles who wish to master cutting-edge IT technologies, to develop an in-depth understanding of an in-depth understanding of marketing and business issues.
The collaboration between The Platform and KEDGE Business School is also a guarantee of dynamism for the region as well as an asset for the local ecosystem as a whole, as it will enable the training of profiles with a rare dual skills and particularly particularly sought-after by economic players.

A training program to add to the already comprehensive portfolio
offered by the Plateforme school.

Bachelor IT (level Bac+3) :
Applications Designer and Developer
Software Developer / DevOps
Network and Security Administrator (Cybersecurity)
Artificial Intelligence Developer

Master of Science (level Bac+5) :
Data Protection Officer
IT & Business (AI, Web, Security)

Post Graduate :
Innovation Lab
Centrale Digitale Lab

Certification center :
Aws re/start

Find out more at https://laplateforme.io/master-it-business/

La Plateforme, winner of the "La grande fabrique de l'image" program of the France 2030 plan

La Plateforme, winner of the "La grande fabrique de l'image" program of the France 2030 plan

La Plateforme, winner of the "La grande fabrique de l'image" award of the France 2030 plan, will develop a unique training offer for digital image professions in Marseille and the South of France.

"La Plateforme_Créative", a training project for digital image professions, will come to life as part of the France 2030 plan, thanks to the support of the French Ministry of Culture and the Centre National du Cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC).

La Plateforme, a training program designed to contribute to regional development

Since its creation in 2019, La Plateforme, a school for IT and digital professions, has positioned itself as a as a strong lever of attractiveness and economic economic competitiveness of the region. By offering training programs that meet real human resources needs needs of companies, the school aims to promote and develop employment in digital professionsAt the same time, we aim to significantly reduce the unemployment rate among young people under 25 in the region.

In 4 years, the free, inclusive school has grown rapidly, with 600 students trained by 2022/2023, who have joined the school without any means or diploma requirements.

La Plateforme, winner of the "La grande fabrique de l'image" call for projects under the France 2030 plan

France 2030 is a broad investment plan supported by the government, the aim of which is to boost the competitiveness and attractiveness of the French territory through the relaunch or creation of new new industrial and technological sectors.

The support for the audiovisual and image is one of the 10 priority objectives identified by France 2030. The "La grande fabrique de l'image" call for projects aims to promote the production of cultural and creative contentartistic and technological content.

Drawing on its experience in training for digital professions and aware of the the impact of the development of new technologies on the cultural creation sector, the Plateforme_Créative has developed a unique proposal for this call for tenders: La Plateforme_Créative.

Cyril Zimmermann, Founder of La Plateforme: "In addition to the high-voltage IT professions, digital technology is also widely used in the audiovisual, video game and cultural and creative industries. So it's only logical that La Plateforme should focus on the audiovisual sector, with the aim of inspiring young people to take up the profession, and then training as many people as possible in the digital image professions, at Bac+3 and Bac+5 levels. We're delighted to be doing this as part of "La grande fabrique de l'image" and France 2030."

The Plateforme_Créative, a new response to the challenges of digital image training

Thanks to the support support from the French Ministry of Culture and the CNCover the next 3 years will contribute to the the development of digital imaging professions through its training courses for :

  • Creating vocations: with the forthcoming launch of the Tumo Marseille digital creation centerin partnership with Robert Guédiguian and the Forum des images. More than 1,000 young people aged 12 to 18 will benefit from free introductory free introductory sessions in graphic design, animation, computer code, 3D modeling and video game and film production.

For Robert Guédiguian, "TUMO's cinema and audiovisual pedagogy restores teaching to what it should never cease to be: a game that all children want to play".

  • Developing talent: by offering free training courses in digital imaging professions level Bac+3 to Post Graduate for young adults: 
    • Bachelor "Métiers des arts numériques" with 3 tracks: animation, video games and development (Bac+3)
    • Master of Science "Production and project management for video games and 3D animation" (Bac+5)
    • Post Graduate innovation program on the future of images, exploring the relationship between images and digital technologies (especially AI).
PORTRAIT : Hugo, the Plateformer of the month

PORTRAIT : Hugo, the Plateformer of the month

Do you know Hugo?
He is a student in Bachelor AI at the school and passionate about data. He has all the ingredients of a true Plateformer!

We asked him three questions:

Can you tell us about your career in a few words?

"I have been living in Marseille for 5 years, after having lived in Madagascar for 10 years.
And after 2 years of a MIASHS degree in mathematics and statistics applied to sociology, I quickly realized that my training lacked a lot of concreteness and that the choices of jobs at the end of it were quite limited... I heard about the Platform from a friend who was in training at the school and it immediately interested me!"

Now that you are a student at the school, how do you feel about it?

"I love the flexibility we can take advantage of at the school! We work on diverse and increasingly complex projects.
It allows us to acquire a solid foundation and to discover our specialty. For me, for example, no doubt, after my initial training in applied mathematics and statistics, it was AI!"

And beyond the school?

"I'd rather say that, in addition to school, I'm really happy to have found my next work-study program at Volta Médical, a start-up from Marseille that develops AI software for cardiology! If all goes well I start next September, and I can't wait, their project is very innovative, and AI in health, it's hard to do more concrete!"

If you would like to know more about Hugo and call on him, feel free to check out his LinkedIn profile here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hugo-andriamaromanana/

The Platform opens its new campus in Cannes!

The Platform opens its new campus in Cannes!

La Plateforme continues to grow and opens in Cannes, in the Alpes-Maritimes. The school, which is 100% free of charge, trains students for digital professions, with no resource or diploma requirements, by bringing together the local ecosystem. 

Supported by the City of Cannes and the Pays de Lérins Agglomeration Community, this new establishment opened its doors on April 3rd and now welcomes its first class. 

A first success of attendance 

After more than 200 applications received, more than 50 students have so far found their way to this school in Cannes, a first prefiguration of the campus housed in premises in Cannes-La Bocca temporarily made available by the Agglomeration, while waiting for the definitive ones which should welcome nearly 150-200 students in January 2024, in the heart of Cannes. 

Two courses dedicated to digital professions are already offered to them:
- Start", for training in 15 months in the digital operator professions
Job opportunities: positions in IT mnance, networks and IP telephony;
- Bachelor IT", to develop future IT experts
Career opportunities: web/software development, cybersecurity and artificial intelligence (BAC+3 level)

Cannes, a city of higher education and learning 

Since 2016, Cannes City Hall and the Cannes Lérins Agglomeration have been working to make the Cannes area a territory of training, higher education and students. This became a reality with the opening in September 2021 of the Georges Méliès University Campus - a major component of the Bastide rouge site entirely dedicated to the image and creative economy professions - which today welcomes nearly 1,100 students.
One year later, other developments have been completed, such as the student residence Nouvelle Vague and the university cafeteria. In total, nearly 3,700 students have chosen Cannes as their place of study. The establishment of this higher education institution is in line with the commitment of David Lisnard, Mayor of Cannes and President of the Cannes Lérins Agglomeration, to make Cannes a city of training in concrete link with the local entrepreneurial fabric and to stimulate innovation in the fields of the creative economy.

Partners of reference

The establishment of La Plateforme in Cannes, in the Alpes-Maritimes, is made possible thanks to the commitment and support of its patrons, companies and decision-makers: Caisse d'Epargne Côte d'Azur, Transcan, Groupe Ippolito, Anny Courtade, Veolia, Vinci Construction France, Mane, SPIE Batignolles.

Stan, a firm specializing in the territorial and national anchoring of companies, is the active partner of the school and of this new installation: it has notably led the discussions with the local authorities in terms of location and conducted the search for sponsors.

According to Pierre Ippolito, president of the UPE 06: "Training needs are constantly changing to meet the current transformation of the world of work. To meet these challenges, an approach like that of the Platform, which offers a range of training courses adapted to the needs of companies in the territory, is essential."

In full expansion, La Plateforme is a school well established in the region: after its creation in Marseille in 2019, the school opened a new site in Toulon last December. By 2022/2023, La Plateforme will have 600 students and plans to expand ambitiously in the Mediterranean region by 2025, with a target of 3000 students.

A model that has proven itself with 88% of positive exits on the shortest courses completed in the 2019-2021 period.

For Cyril Zimmermann, founder of the Platform: "The digital and new technologies sector lacks talent capable of meeting the real needs of companies and existing training courses are not always accessible to all audiences, it is to this double constraint that La Plateforme responds. We are very happy to open this new campus in Cannes, thanks to our sponsors, in close collaboration with the City and the Agglomeration, to offer our Bachelor/Bac+3 courses, which are accessible without any diploma or resource conditions, in order to contribute to the digital development and professional attractiveness of the region."

More information on the Cannes campus: https: //laplateforme.io/cannes/

Rocket School and La Plateforme reach out to Campus Academy students

Rocket School and La Plateforme reach out to Campus Academy students

Last February, the students of Campus Academy in Aix-en-Provence learned that their school was discontinuing classes. Faced with their urgent need for training, two inclusive schools of excellence, Rocket School and La Plateforme, decided to offer them solutions to continue their studies in business, marketing and IT.
The goal is to allow them to continue their education without having to worry about funding issues and to make up for the lost term.

In order to quickly help Campus Academy Aix-en-Provence students who need to find a new school to complete their training and graduate on time, Rocket School Marseille and La Plateforme have reserved 50 spots for former students of the closed school. Both schools recruit without means testing and will select students based on a placement test and their personality.

Business and marketing programs

Within Rocket School Marseille, the Bachelor programs offered are
- Bachelor Digital & Business Development
- Bachelor Digital Marketing & Growth
- Bachelor Social & Community Management
- Bachelor in Customer Relations & Customer Success

Among the Masters, the candidates can integrate :
- Master - MSc Commercial Management & Business Strategy
- Master - MSc Digital Marketing & Growth Strategy
- Master - MSc Influence Marketing & Community Management

According to Cyril Pierre de Geyer, founder of Rocket School, "The situation is extremely tense for all these students who suddenly find themselves without a school and without a degree. As a school of the Social and Solidarity Economy, we are committed to helping them. We offer this program with an initial intensive one-month cycle to get them back into a winning study dynamic!"

Programs on code and AI

The Platform offers to integrate learners from the Campus Academy's BTS and Master's degree in SEO and Computer Science, according to their level and initial training, into its Bachelor's and Master's of Science programs.

The Bachelor IT programs (level BAC +3) offered are :
- Web Developer
- Software Developer/DevOps
- Security Admin
- AI Developer

Among the Master of Science (level BAC +5) :
- Data Protection Officer (DPO)
- Project manager in AI

Intensive training to make up for lost time

To enable students to better integrate into the programs they choose, intensive training sessions will be planned, on a case-by-case basis at the Platform, and in September at Rocket School to help them make up for lost time.
Emlyn Davin, the director of Rocket School Marseille, confirms: "We will train young people with an intensive bootcamp to enable them to quickly gain skills in the subjects they lack.
Roxan Roumegas, Deputy Managing Director of La Plateforme, adds: "La Plateforme's educational model allows us to support and upgrade young people from Campus Academy on a case by case basis. Our educational teams will be able to identify the level of learners and direct them to the appropriate training courses."
Talents from Campus Academy will then be integrated directly into a Bachelor's or Master's degree, carried out on a work-study basis in the best companies and startups in the region.



Amazon Digital Accelerator, March 30 at the Frac Marseille

Amazon Digital Accelerator, March 30 at the Frac Marseille

Our partner Amazon is organizing, on March 30th at the Frac, a day of exchange and training for entrepreneurs in Marseille, around experts in business creation and digital.

On the program:

9:30-10:00: Welcome breakfast
10:00-10:40: Introductory plenary
11:00-12:00: Workshop 1 - Having the right mindset for entrepreneurship, with Nina Ledun from Start The F Up
12:00-13:00: Lunch and networking
13:00-14:00 : Workshop 2 - How to sell online in 3 steps, with Philippe Coste from La Porte s'Ouvre
14:15-15:15 : Workshop 3 - How to explode your visibility and make more sales by developing your brand on social networks, with Paul Maher from Le Labo by Coudac
15:30-16:30 : Workshop 4 - What is a CRM and what is it used for, with Assia Ali from La Plateforme_.
16:45-17:15 : Concluding plenary
17:15-18:00 : Networking cocktail

A day to bring you all the keys to guarantee the success of your structure!

Practical information :
Place : Frac - 20 Bd de Dunkerque, 13002 Marseille, France
Registration here : https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSePmi7XU7WmCLYkQFIoFiZBDB6RjkJOxmWQC0Ud4GEBuU1piQ/viewform

With Petitapeti, supporting the transition from primary to secondary school thanks to digital technology

With Petitapeti, supporting the transition from primary to secondary school thanks to digital technology

Within the framework of the educational centers financed by the City of Marseille, the Petitapeti association and its partners (Collège Izzo, ADDAP13, la Plateforme) has the project to accompany children in CM2, sixième and cinquième as well as their parents in the transition from primary to secondary school .

By proposing joint workshops between fifth graders and middle school students, the association and its partners are seeking to promote living together and to equip families with the tools they need thanks to parent cafés. This initiative also helps to fight against harassment and to raise awareness of the potential risks of digital technology. 

Several workshops will be held until the beginning of the school year in September 2023: 

For children: 

- On March 1st: Tech workshop with Olivier Crozet and the students of the Platform "Create your gaming controller": a first workshop whose principle was to create its video game controller by connecting a "makeymakey" to various conductive objects (clay, fruit, water, aluminum ...) to be able to play on a laptop.

- March 22: Citizenship workshop with the CDAD13 on "the dangers of the Internet" to work on collective representations

- April 17 to 21: Sport Tech course organized by La Plateforme and Izzo College (ADDAP13)

- May 31 : outing to the Frioul Islands with ADDAP13

Last week of August: school support at Izzo College

And for parents: 

- First parents' coffee proposed on March 17 at the Petitapeti association to raise awareness of the dangers on the Internet and to accompany parents regarding their worries as they approach college.

- Second parent's café organized at the Plateforme.

InvESS't PACA, managed by A Plus Finance, supports the development of the Mediterranean Tech Campus, La Plateforme

InvESS't PACA, managed by A Plus Finance, supports the development of the Mediterranean Tech Campus, La Plateforme

Paris, January 24, 2022 - The management company A Plus Finance announces its financial involvement in the development of the digital school and new technologies, La Plateforme

Founded in 2019 on the initiative of the digital economy entrepreneur Cyril Zimmermann, supported by the Top20 Club, which brings together the major companies of the Aix-Marseille Provence Metropolis, La Plateforme is an inclusive computer science school that offers training in coding, cyber security and artificial intelligence, designed to train, without the need for a diploma, young people with or without a first experience, through cycles of continuous training.

Directed by Cyril Zimmermann and animated by Roxan Roumegas, who was the national pedagogical director of EPITECH before taking over the direction of this school in Marseille, The Platform currently welcomes 400 students. The free curriculum, based on a disruptive, innovative and participative pedagogy, generally takes place over two years, with practical training starting in the first year, and alternating the following months. A diploma validated by the Ministry of Labor is delivered at the end of the training, and allows access to a national or even international career.

Cyril Zimmermann declares: " The Platform is open to those who wish to take the digital path and turn towards the professions of tomorrow. From coder to engineer specialized in artificial intelligence, passing by web developer or security expert... the career possibilities are as beautiful as numerous and the opportunities are real. The arrival of InvESS't PACA shortly after the Top 20 and a number of local entrepreneurs joined our capital will enable us to accelerate our recruitment and enrich our training solutions in order to reach our objective of training 3,000 young people per year by 2026.

The Platform is a member of the Grande École du Numérique program. It is supported by major companies in the region, such as Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence, the Southern Region, the Bouches du Rhône Department and the Aix Marseille Provence Metropolis.

Jean-Michel Sibué, Associate Director at A Plus Finance, adds: " We are pleased to be able to support this remarkable local initiative devised by Cyril Zimmermann and the TOP20 Club, which will help accelerate the digital transformation of the Metropolitan area, contribute to the development of its economy and strengthen the training offer, particularly for young people who have strayed from traditional courses. This investment is fully in line with InvESS't PACA's strategy to contribute to the "SSE-ization" of the economy.

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